Rep Manager Course

Rep Manager Course

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We are back with a fun boot camp that will gear you up to take on all aspects of a rep team. 


Shops have enough things to juggle. They have to have representation whether it's for content or aid in marketing. But they don't always have the time to manage those individuals. That's where you come in. 

With this course, you'll learn:

-How to run a search

-How to choose a team

-How to communicate with said team

- Fun games and giveaways to motivate the team

-How to activate and track discount codes

-How best to organize photos/content

-How to handle the end of a term




-Extra education for team


& So much more!!! 



This course is a one week commitment and learn at your own pace, as always! 

Upon completion, you will be announced in BHUB community of certification & placed in a support group specifically for Social Media Managers specializing in Managing a team. 


First class: 11/26/18- 11/30/18