Build Her Up Boss


Regular price $200.00

You will have access to the group for 30 days.

This is at your own pace. You will be added to the group, directed to our intro video with passwords to our Airtable, which contains your name with assignments. 

This will automatically teach you Airtable format while also completing each class/platform. 

Then, you will be removed and WILL NOT have access to the training. Please committ and be prompt in your course training.

Designed for virtual assistants but perfect to-

Take your business to the next level ! 









There are absolutely no refunds for this.

*this training is flexible, but fast paced. Hands on, Dorie gives you all the tools needed* 

You will be given instructions on tasks to access through airtable. There will be no monitoring of these tasks- please be self disciplined in your learning. 


Once training is complete, you will be added [by your choice] to our list of verified VAs.