Tele HUH??? There’s a new app out that’s helping with social media engagement. Think of it as  5+3=1 on steroids! WHAT IS 5+3=1??? 5 likes, 3 comments =1 new follower (This was introduced to me by a former Mom Shop and is surprisingly accurate.) But who has the time for that right now!? Not me!!! Insert Telegram. I feel like I should preface with- “Hi! I’m Dorie & I hate learning new technology. I also hate getting notifications or learning new tricks, because it means I might mess up!” If there is one person who opposed one more app, it was certainly me. I finally shut up and joined a few groups. I promised myself I would sit back for...

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The Handmade Movement

There was a time where arts & crafts were frowned upon. That time is GONE! I sat alone day in, day out with a growing belly. A belly I had pleaded to my higher power for. Every day i grew more anxious. I had just said goodbye to my firstborn son, and I was on pins and needles to ensure the new life inside of me was safe. That’s when my husband appeared with a sewing machine. I had never sewn a thing in my life. He watched the tutorials for me, taught me how to use it and wished for the best. Within two months, I was completing simple patterns I had found online. Within a few months I had...

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