There comes a time in all small businesses where one person can no longer wear all the hats. I tell my clients all the time, find creative ways to outsource the tiny tasks you’re being plagued with. The CEO of a business would never hop on Telegram, ship orders, etc. Okay, Well, A GREAT CEO would do those things, because being a leader is about recognizing you are above no task, but its also about recognizing where your time is best spent.   Once you are at the point of hiring, GET CREATIVE!!!!What on Earth do you mean? Listen, I have this neighbor who has three teenage children. The youngest child has never had a job. So, Guess what?! She...

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Tele HUH??? There’s a new app out that’s helping with social media engagement. Think of it as  5+3=1 on steroids! WHAT IS 5+3=1??? 5 likes, 3 comments =1 new follower (This was introduced to me by a former Mom Shop and is surprisingly accurate.) But who has the time for that right now!? Not me!!! Insert Telegram. I feel like I should preface with- “Hi! I’m Dorie & I hate learning new technology. I also hate getting notifications or learning new tricks, because it means I might mess up!” If there is one person who opposed one more app, it was certainly me. I finally shut up and joined a few groups. I promised myself I would sit back for...

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The Handmade Movement

There was a time where arts & crafts were frowned upon. That time is GONE! I sat alone day in, day out with a growing belly. A belly I had pleaded to my higher power for. Every day i grew more anxious. I had just said goodbye to my firstborn son, and I was on pins and needles to ensure the new life inside of me was safe. That’s when my husband appeared with a sewing machine. I had never sewn a thing in my life. He watched the tutorials for me, taught me how to use it and wished for the best. Within two months, I was completing simple patterns I had found online. Within a few months I had...

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