Make the most of text marketing

We've got a few more tips to utilize your SMS marketing.   If you're lost, start here.    You've got your list going, you have sent out a few messages. Now let's make sure you get more numbers on that list, more texts sent, and making that conversion rate sky high.  1.) Utilize a keyword   Don't just buy the keyword and sit on it. Market it! Toss it in your next e-mail. Pin it to your Facebook group, slap it in your stories and be sure it goes into a highlight. *You can also put it in your header or pop-up on your site. Canva is your new best friend. The more creative and easy you can make it, the better. ...

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2019 BFCM

Here we are again scrambling to make the most of that insane sales week at the end of November. We've been here before, and we get smarter each time. Let's talk about all the new things we have learned this year to make the most of this BFCM. 1.) Get OrganizedThis should really be a January thing, but you're going to get a head start and have an easier BFCM week because everything will have a checkbox and you won't miss a thing. We suggest Airtable. You can sign up here for a free premium trial. We use the free level (upgrade gives you nice colors and insane amounts of storage) If you don't know where to start, check out this video,...

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Text Marketing

Wanna bring in at least 10% more income and tap into the easiest way to market? Then it's time to add SMS Marketing into your strategy. We will break this down so it isn't one more scary thing to learn. Instead, you'll find it's your easiest task bringing forth the biggest return on your time and money. Ready? 1.) We should really call this step 0- If you don't already have Shopify, I don't even know what you're doing. This alone is worth paying the $29/mo for a website. Seriously. Click here for a two week trial.  2.) Go check out the Shopify app store and grab this app. Sure, there are others, and you are welcome to try them, but...

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