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Hitting 10k on Instagram

There is a certain bravado once that 10k hits your profile. You want to dance. You want to shout. You feel so tall.   But really, it’s just a number….   The benefit of having 10k+ followers on Instagram includes: -linking in stories -looking cool Wow! That’s it?! Yup! Sorry to burst your bubble.   First things first. If you are here just to be cool- there’s the door. I’m sure you can pay for some super likes an get to 10k quickly if that’s your game. If you are here to truly maximize what you can get from Instagram, stick around. You’ve got a lot to learn, young grasshopper. And please, say this with me before we even continue:...

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Are you using Instagram correctly?

Odds are, you haven’t even scratched the surface. Don’t I always have your back!? Let’s sort this mess out, shall we!? If you run an e-commerce store, you know that in 2017, Instagram is likely the main source of your traffic. Check out the stats for Thebabybirdboutique   So now that we know Instagram gets a gold star for bringing customers into the door; How do we find more customers? How do we get them excited about every single thing we post? How do we keep them engaged? How do we ensure what we are giving them is going to keep them around?   Let’s play a hypothetical game. You are starting a new business and just created your Instagram....

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Tele HUH??? There’s a new app out that’s helping with social media engagement. Think of it as  5+3=1 on steroids! WHAT IS 5+3=1??? 5 likes, 3 comments =1 new follower (This was introduced to me by a former Mom Shop and is surprisingly accurate.) But who has the time for that right now!? Not me!!! Insert Telegram. I feel like I should preface with- “Hi! I’m Dorie & I hate learning new technology. I also hate getting notifications or learning new tricks, because it means I might mess up!” If there is one person who opposed one more app, it was certainly me. I finally shut up and joined a few groups. I promised myself I would sit back for...

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