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Shopify Checklist

Hate reading? We've got a step by step video for you! 1.) Get trial Oh, you thought maybe we didn't have ?? click here 2.) Buy domain  We suggest buying your domain right here through Shopify. This gives you access to FOUR free domain e-mails 3.) Load ALL products. You can perfect copy and photos later. Just get it done.  4.) Make collections [and sort your products into them.] 5.) Make pages [faq/about me/contact us]  6.) Navigation [ the way the menus are presented on the front end. - I'll give a cheat right below this]  7.) Pick a theme [we love pop and Brooklyn the most]  8.) Build your theme (video below)  9.)Add sales channels 10.) Add apps  11.) Have eyes...

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Capital Loans

Needing a hand financial is a pretty common small business issue. If you’re like most Americans, 2008 hit your credit harder than ever and most banks aren’t eager to hand over a traditional “small business loan”, despite your businesses success. No worries- Most e-commerce platforms now offer their own lending called a “Capital Loan”. Don’t let this scare you. We are going to thoroughly weigh 2 options below and get you geared up and informed, ready to grow your business. I’ve got you! The only two capital loans we at BHUB consider logically choices would be Paypal Working Capital and Shopify Capital Loan. We will run through each one of them (which is similarly structured) and help you weigh your...

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