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Cutting Costs

Hey Everyone!  I feel like I've been holding out forever on this great post. Cutting costs is one of the easiest ways to ensure your business runs smoothly. It'll squeeze you to work within your means, teach you to respect the profit you make and the value of the dollar, and be able to help ease those hard times of e-commerce.  Let's dive in:  1.) SHIPPING *  Find cheaper rates.  If you are going in person, or even using a generic platform, you're throwing money away. Platforms like Paypal & Shipstation will give you deep discounts.  *Combine shipping if possible If you have a high volume store with an abundance of repeat customers, offer a small refund for combining their...

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The cost of doing business

Do you know your operational costs?    Odds are you just answered, "What?"  Let's just break this down simply. If you don't know every single penny spent on your business per month, you are essentially already out of business.   Don't worry! Let's just work this out and get you back on track. Ready? This is the part that sucks. Like- really sucks!  You need to list out every single expense for your business. Just when you think you're done, go and do it again. There is always something you are forgetting. Think about annual costs (domains, website hosting fees, software, etc)  Don't worry! We will wait.  Once this part is over, life gets better.  A lot of what you're doing...

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