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Text Marketing

Wanna bring in at least 10% more income and tap into the easiest way to market? Then it's time to add SMS Marketing into your strategy. We will break this down so it isn't one more scary thing to learn. Instead, you'll find it's your easiest task bringing forth the biggest return on your time and money. Ready? 1.) We should really call this step 0- If you don't already have Shopify, I don't even know what you're doing. This alone is worth paying the $29/mo for a website. Seriously. Click here for a two week trial.  2.) Go check out the Shopify app store and grab this app. Sure, there are others, and you are welcome to try them, but...

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How To: Digital Flatlay

Wanna know how to make a digital flatlay? Fill up your cup, sit down and take notes. LET'S DO THIS!  *To learn a cool trick for using digital flatlays, Read this.    Pic of apps Android users. Eraser and photo layer are your go to for flat lays in app.Download them BOTH. then surf Instagram for your favorite items. My favorite is River babe threads. We rep for her and she puts most of her items on a white clear back ground which makes it easier for this app.I even Google image things when I can't find any. THEN you open eraser first. (Be sure to save all images you could possibly want for a flat lay at that time so...

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